The Fit Challenge 2010-2011: RUN

October 13, 2010 at 8:33 am Leave a comment

I went running 3.1 miles yesterday morning. I did it in under 35 minutes. Back in February when I ran my first 5k it took me 40 minutes. I was proud of that but I am setting new goals that will make me proud as well. You see I want to run my first 10k and 1/2 marathon. Lofty goals for someone who is overweight. But I have lost over 25 pounds this year and I think in upping my workouts I could reach my goal of 199 pounds by the end of the year. I have my eye on a 10k for Thanksgiving but the 1/2 marathon that I want to do isn’t till February. It is the same race that I did last year as a 5k. I haven’t officially signed up for these but the deadlines are in my calendar and my heart is stuck on these.

It is funny to think of me as a runner. You see I hate playing sports. I have always been unathletic. I was the girl in highschool who got all A’s except in physical education. I got a B-. I would not run nor could I do pushups (still can’t) or pull ups. My teacher was an ex marine and not very understanding. Plus I was a double D if you catch my drift and was horrified to knock myself out.

Now I run because I like the stress relief and I like feeling proud of myself. I am tired yet energized by running. I don’t worry about my double D issues. I am more comfortable with my body and old enough to know guys aren’t really interested in me anymore.

So what are you challenging yourself with? New fitness goals?

As for my other goals, I am working on my taxes but at least I started and I forgot to eat breakfast at a table but I did eat lunch and dinner. So I give myself a 2 out of 3 not so bad.

I am doing some easy goals today –

1. 30 minutes of elliptical

2. Call my mom and tell her I love her.



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