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3 months

My step father has cancer and through some bad luck and hard decisions he has been given three months to live. This post has been in the making for the past couple of weeks as I processed the news and figured out if I thought it is appropriate. I struggle sometimes about how much of personal life I want to share. It is a fine line for me and I don’t want to hurt peoples feelings. Well this post is being written for me. Maybe a little selfish. But maybe a healing process too. I know if my step dad had a couple of good days as his old self he would be playing racquetball, golfing and heading to Moab. Those are the things that he lived and made him happy. With this news and thoughts of mortality on my minds, I have been thinking of my own bucket list. I made a list when I was younger. But somethings have changed and been crossed off. Some of the things that I have done are fall in love, get married and learn play guitar. But here is a list of things that I still want to do.
1. Swim with dolphins.
2. Have my mom watch me graduate.
3. Travel more any where. Mostly Jamaica, Italy, and Hawaii.
4. Run a half marathon and a marathon.
5. Spend time with those I love.
I have some plans to get these things crossed off my list sooner rather then later. So stay tuned because I promise more entertaining and exciting blogs… Until then remember to appreciate everything and everyone in you life because it is shorter then we know.


January 24, 2011 at 12:17 am 4 comments

Building Excitement

I love and adore planning things so I can look forward to them. As I think about events that are planned I feel the excitement building inside of me until I feel like I can’t contain it.
Today my excitement is for a special dinner at Roy’s Restaurant in Tampa. They opened their doors 10 years ago and are doing a special dinner to celebrate. Roy Yamaguchi himself is here for the event and I can’t wait to meet him. He is an extraordinary man. I loved him on Top Chef Masters and he is always about supporting and encouraging his ohana (family). I hope to share pictures tonight so I won’t say more about Roy.
Other events that I get excited about- christmas, travel, getting my hair done. Goals for today- reconnect with friends at lunch and cross off meeting Roy which is on my bucket list.
What brings excitement to your life?

October 19, 2010 at 10:40 am 1 comment

Wake up

How was your weekend? My weekend was awesome. I didn’t get all my homework done but I will play catch up this week so I am not stressing over it. Friday was a great date with the hubby. We love LOVE Roy’s Restaurant. We sat at the sushi bar and met a fun couple. I love bonding over food. On Saturday we went shopping which is one of my favorite things to do. We ended up buying a rug for our living room and I got new Jimmy Choo sunglasses. Check out the pictures below. We had fun.
I already reached one goal today and that would be a wake up call of running 3.1 miles. They were hard miles because I ran 6.5 miles yesterday and I rocked that run. My other goal today is to read more of my homework so that I can get caught back up.
Do you like working out in the morning?

October 18, 2010 at 1:41 pm 1 comment

Checking things off your to do list

I absolutely love checking things off my to do list. I have a blackberry that organizes my life and I utilize’s task list. I have had do taxes on my list since April. Last night I crossed them off it felt so good. I also crossed off a homework assignment by completing my project with the not for profit. I love productive days.
Today I got up and did a 5k run. RunEatRepeat calls today 5k friday. I love her. Now I have to get ready and head out to clean up a beach. It is charity day at my work.
My goals are to do 1 hour of homework today to get a head start on the weekend and then date night with the hubby. We are going out for sushi. Happy Friday! What are doing to start the weekend out right?

October 15, 2010 at 12:27 pm 4 comments

Coffee please

I drink coffee every morning. It is a routine that wakes me up slowly and starts my day off right. I used to drink my coffee with creamer and sugar. Now I drink it only with Truvia. About 2 years ago, I switched from sugar to splenda and then because of arthritis complications that may be tied to splenda switched to truvia. That was an easy switch but giving up my creamer was so much harder. I tried portion control first. But my coffee just didn’t satisfy me with a little creamer. I liked the caramel color and the cream lingering on my tongue. But you see in May this year I got serious about weight loss and was looking at ways to slash 500 calories a day. So the creamer was an obvoius choice. I was dedicated and motivated to lose the weight. So I gave up creamer in my coffee cold turkey. I remember the first week was difficult but I didn’t give up. The second week wasn’t as bad. Well by the third week I was seeing progress on the scale and I was forgetting what coffee with creamer tasted like. Now I prefer coffee with truvia only. I am not sure if I will ever get to the point of drinking it black. But who knows what life will serve you next.
I knocked out 30 minutes on the treadmill and called my mom yesterday. So now it is time for new goals-
1. More taxes. They have to be done by tomorrow.
2. I also have a project for school to do today for a non for profit so my second goal is community service. It is great to give back.

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So you ask what 3 things was I grateful for yesterday?
1. My husband sent me flowers at work. I love them. They smell like summer and they are beautiful to look at. See the picture below taken with my blackberry.
2. My dad is going through a rough time in his life. I know he is struggling but he is still proud and happy for me and my wins. Thanks dad.
3. Sunshine reflecting on water. On my way to work I drive over a bridge and hardly ever focus on anything but the traffic. Today I took my time and drove in the slow lane. It was a much more enjoyable ride. Why don’t I do that more often? Why do I feel like there is never enough time? I need to work on that.
On a side note I like having a gratitude goal. It made me more aware of what I have in my life. I am very lucky but sometimes take things for granted. So don’t be surprised if you see this goal again.

What are my goals for today?
1. Run 2 miles. I need to write about running soon.
2. Start my taxes. I filed an extension in April and now the deadline for the extension is ending. Oops.
3. Enjoy three meals sitting at a table, not at a desk or in front of a tv.

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Just trying to find who I am

I find it sad to say this that on my 34th birthday today – 10/11 – I have yet to really know who I am. I do know some things about me. I know I love my husband, cat and my family. I know I am loyal to them. But as I get older, I find myself not being as “nice” as I once was and I don’t like it. There are other things that I want to change so now I have a blog to document my daily discoveries.

I will not always post just about me. I want to post new recipes I find and try and new products. Pretty much anything I discover. I may not be the best writer but I have an opinion it matters and I want to share to those who are willing to read.

At the end of my daily posts I am going to create some daily goals for myself. To focus my attention and intention for the day.

Today’s Goals:

1. Be grateful for what I have. Find 3 things that I can be thankful for.

2. Work hard but still have fun.

3. Remember it is my birthday and I don’t need to stress out over my to do list. In other words Enjoy my day!

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