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Roy’s Fifth Course and Dessert

Welcome to the last post on Roy’s 10th Anniversary Dinner post. If you missed the other courses you must go back and read them all. Drooling is allowed.

The fifth course was a delicious steak with mashed potatoes and mushrooms. The taste was spot on but because this course was “steakhouse” it was not my favorite of the night. In all honesty it followed the tuna which had just blown away all my expectations so maybe by this point of the night it was really hard to impress me. I still ate it but if I had to replace a course this one would have been it.


After stuffing ourselves all night, I was worried I may not be able to fit any dessert in my belly. But after one bite of the Brown Butter French Toast with the Toasted Vanilla Apricot Compote I knew it would be a travesty to not enjoy it all. The apricots made it and it was a light but sweet way to end the night. Just the way that I like my desserts. I may be licking my screen right now remembering the goodness. It was French Toast after all so dreaming of it at 7 am on a Saturday morning is normal, right?



Now I have to get back on the weight loss track after an indulgent week. Check back for how I plan to refocus my weight loss goals and other exciting happenings.


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Roy’s Third and Fourth Course

Sorry about the interruption in our Roy’s 10 Year Anniversary Dinner. I just wanted to be sure to post my feelings about today this morning. Plus after spending almost four years at a place I feel you have to pay homage to how it influenced your life.

For the Third Course of Roy’s 10 Year Anniversary Dinner we had Veal Cheek Marsala. Any type of cheek meat is so tender. Don’t be afraid of it. It is something to enjoy. It was served with noodles, mushrooms, edamame, cheese and crispy capers. I love capers but somehow they fried them and took them to a whole other level in this dish. I want to recreate crispy capers in a dish soon. Even my husband agreed they were the star of the show.


For the Fourth Course, I originally thought this would be my least favorite course. It was Pistachio & Rice Cracker Crusted Yellowfin Tuna with Butternut and Leek Pave, Duck Confit, Bok Choy and Foie Gras Ganache. But my mind changed really quickly. I always tell myself to stay open minded and give everything a try. How else would I know what I like and what I don’t like. The Tuna was perfectly cooked and I liked the crunchy outside. The flavors complemented each other with the sweet of the butternut, the richness of the confit –it was a course for a princess. I loved it. My mind changed so quickly. I practically licked my plate clean. I really hope I enjoy something like this again and soon.IMG_0895

Tomorrow I will be finishing up the Roy’s dinner with a happy ending. 😉 Ok it is just dessert for those of you who went there. Just wanted to put a smile on your face.

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Roy’s Second Course

Our second course was a smoked paprika seared sea scallop with a kabocha mafongo, pork belly chicharron and lemongrass sofrito. This was one of the best sea scallops I have tasted. It was done perfectly and the presentation was outstanding.

The best thing that happened during this course is Roy Yamaguchi himself sat at our table. Here he is explaining the course. To have his time was a huge privilege. He was so kind and humble. I ❤ him even more now.

He was really interested in what my husband does on Twitter and asked him some questions. If you are on Twitter, I highly recommend following @RoysRoy. He posts what happens in the kitchen and the food that inspires him. Thank you Roy for the time you spent with us. Our evening was so special and this pushed it over the top.


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Roy’s Course One

I had the most amazing night ever! Instead of sharing it all at once I thought I would break it up by course. My husband and I were lucky enough to attend Roy’s Tampa 10th Anniversary. If you have never been to Roy’s then I believe you are missing out. There are two main things that make me a huge fan of Roy Yamaguchi. First and foremost even though he is a celebrity in his own right he believes in developing his chefs and giving them creative rights. Second he truly believes in Farm to Table which means fresh ingredients served daily and the local community is supported in the process.

Our first course for dinner was a Rainbow Trout Graviax. This had apple, celery root, bacon, hazelnuts besides the trout on a Golden Beet fennel jam. I am not a big fan of fennel. In fact I have a dislike for black licorice but this dish was amazing. The complex favors exploded in my mouth. They were fresh and light.

It was a great way to start the evening.

Here is a sneak peek at the other courses. But come back for more pictures and descriptions later.

I have  a 2 mile run on the schedule for tomorrow and I want to share more courses with you so I actually hope to blog again soon instead of my one time.

Come back soon!

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