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February Goals

I know it has been a really long time since I have blogged and I am hoping to publish about 5 half written posts soon to catch you up on what has been happening in my life. But for now I am focused on the present and some big goals I have made this year. I signed up for my first marathon! I will be running the Rock N Roll San Diego Marathon on June 2nd. I know in order to run 26.2 miles and stay healthy, I will need to be dedicated to training and therefore need to hold myself accountable. Therefore I am going to make some monthly goals and check back in weekly or monthly to let you know how I am doing.

Goal #1 – PR a 5k – (I am cheating on this one because I already did PR my 5k for February and I just need to blog about the Best Damn Race to let you know about it)

Goal #2 – 3 to 4 training runs a week  -My running plans for this week :Monday – 4 miles, Wednesday 3 miles, Thursday 3 miles, Sunday 13.1 (Half    Marathon) I have to give myself flexibility on 3 to 4 because my work schedule is hectic and my IT bands get so sore… which leads me to my next goal

Goal #3– Yoga 4 times this month ( I already did 1 intro to hot yoga class yesterday which I LOVED so much I signed up for a 10 class package) My IT bands and hips appreciate the good stretch.

Goal #4 – Strength training 2x a week

Here is to a great February!

P.S. If my brother reads this he better be just as committed as I am to running this marathon. Time to get training.


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I did it. After weeks of training, I completed my first half marathon. Yesterday I was nervous. It was going to be hot. I knew that so I actually started drinking more water on Friday to be prepared. Smart move. I also decided that even though my camalbak slows me down in these conditions I would take it. So yesterday my official goal was to finish in under 3 hours. I have had foot issues leading up to this run so I also told myself that if they reoccurred my new goal was to just finish even if I had to walk it. If conditions had been better my really scary goal was 2:30. Next time!
So this morning my nerves had me up at 4 am even before my alarm went off. A cup of coffee, more water, and a banana on sandwich thin with peanut butter and chia seeds was my breakfast choice. By 5:30 am I was dressed and headed to the starting line. One stop at the porta potty later and a short wait then we were off. I was a little nervous, a lot excited and just so happy to be doing this. I didn’t cross the start line until about 5 minutes into the race.
The first miles my legs were heavy. But by mile 2 they were warmed up and mile 3 to 5 flew by. I saw Bruce at mile 5. That made my day. As soon as I saw him, I felt a huge smile cross my face. I was doing great. The sun was just starting to peak over the horizon. After a quick high five from Bruce, mile 6 flew by. By mile 7, I felt myself lagging. The sun was up and it was getting hot. The 2:45 pacer went to pass me and I said to myself that if I run with them I would meet my goal. Miles 8 through 10 went by quick. The pacer, Jim, told jokes and we were encouraging other runners. I knew I was going to finish this race for sure by mile 10. So at least one goal was met.
Mile 10 through 11 got tough. I felt like I was overheated and my camelbak mixture of gatorade and water was gone. I had to walk and losing the pacer group made me sad. I did stop and get water at the stations and felt good enough to run and finish the race strong.
I cried at mile 12 because I knew I would finish this race in under 3 hours even if I walked the last mile. I quickly realized crying made it hard to breathe and therefore hard to run. So I focused on the task of one foot in front of the other. I didn’t slam dunk the run but I enjoyed every step. The spectators were so encouraging at this point. It was fun to hear people call my name out.
I crossed the finish line when the clock said 2:51. I don’t know my official time yet but I am so happy with that. I pushed myself hard and I did it.
I also may have signed up to do the Irongirl 1/2 marathon in April. So here is to more training. Just watch out Mr. 9th grade PE teacher I may be an athlete yet.
Now where can I get a burger?

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3 months

My step father has cancer and through some bad luck and hard decisions he has been given three months to live. This post has been in the making for the past couple of weeks as I processed the news and figured out if I thought it is appropriate. I struggle sometimes about how much of personal life I want to share. It is a fine line for me and I don’t want to hurt peoples feelings. Well this post is being written for me. Maybe a little selfish. But maybe a healing process too. I know if my step dad had a couple of good days as his old self he would be playing racquetball, golfing and heading to Moab. Those are the things that he lived and made him happy. With this news and thoughts of mortality on my minds, I have been thinking of my own bucket list. I made a list when I was younger. But somethings have changed and been crossed off. Some of the things that I have done are fall in love, get married and learn play guitar. But here is a list of things that I still want to do.
1. Swim with dolphins.
2. Have my mom watch me graduate.
3. Travel more any where. Mostly Jamaica, Italy, and Hawaii.
4. Run a half marathon and a marathon.
5. Spend time with those I love.
I have some plans to get these things crossed off my list sooner rather then later. So stay tuned because I promise more entertaining and exciting blogs… Until then remember to appreciate everything and everyone in you life because it is shorter then we know.

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The Fit Challenge 2010-2011: RUN

I went running 3.1 miles yesterday morning. I did it in under 35 minutes. Back in February when I ran my first 5k it took me 40 minutes. I was proud of that but I am setting new goals that will make me proud as well. You see I want to run my first 10k and 1/2 marathon. Lofty goals for someone who is overweight. But I have lost over 25 pounds this year and I think in upping my workouts I could reach my goal of 199 pounds by the end of the year. I have my eye on a 10k for Thanksgiving but the 1/2 marathon that I want to do isn’t till February. It is the same race that I did last year as a 5k. I haven’t officially signed up for these but the deadlines are in my calendar and my heart is stuck on these.

It is funny to think of me as a runner. You see I hate playing sports. I have always been unathletic. I was the girl in highschool who got all A’s except in physical education. I got a B-. I would not run nor could I do pushups (still can’t) or pull ups. My teacher was an ex marine and not very understanding. Plus I was a double D if you catch my drift and was horrified to knock myself out.

Now I run because I like the stress relief and I like feeling proud of myself. I am tired yet energized by running. I don’t worry about my double D issues. I am more comfortable with my body and old enough to know guys aren’t really interested in me anymore.

So what are you challenging yourself with? New fitness goals?

As for my other goals, I am working on my taxes but at least I started and I forgot to eat breakfast at a table but I did eat lunch and dinner. So I give myself a 2 out of 3 not so bad.

I am doing some easy goals today –

1. 30 minutes of elliptical

2. Call my mom and tell her I love her.


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